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Compression Rollers Item Code: 1027

Compression Rollers

50 x 8 Thread
70 x 12 Thread
70 x 10 Ring Groove
70 x 12 Ring Groove
70 x 14 Pro Fin
80 x 24 Pro Fin[more info]

Mixers Item Code: 1029


Paint mixer tool for drill, Plastic or Metal mixer available

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Applicators Item Code: 1030


Plastic Applicators (Bog Applicators)

....[more info]
Squeegees Item Code: 1031


Plastic and Rubber Squeegees available

....[more info]
Buckets Item Code: 1032


2.5L & 4L buckets available

....[more info]
Brushes Item Code: 1033


Assorted sizes available

....[more info]
Syringes Item Code: 1034


Syringes available in following sizes

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Masking Tape Item Code: 1035

Masking Tape

18mm automotive tape available single or as 8 pack

....[more info]
Taps Item Code: 1036


Taps for 20L drums

....[more info]
Sanding Discs Item Code: 1038

Sanding Discs

36 Grit 4" sanding discs

....[more info]
Gloves Latex Item Code: 1039

Gloves Latex

Available in Medium, Large & X-Large Dusted with Corn Starch Powder

....[more info]
Gloves Nitrile Item Code: 1040

Gloves Nitrile

For use with Epoxy resins

....[more info]
Plastic Pourers Item Code: 1041

Plastic Pourers

Plastic Pourers for screwtop Tins 1L, 2L & 4L

....[more info]
Paint Eliminator - Hand Cleaner Item Code: 1044

Paint Eliminator - Hand Cleaner

4L Hand Cleaner, Non Petroleum Based, removes Resins, Paints, Sealants, Adhesives & Body Fillers from skin.

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Overalls - Disposable Item Code: 1045

Overalls - Disposable

Disposable Overalls various sizes available.

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Plastocine Item Code: 1046


Plastocine 500g & 4Kg

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Plastic Wedge Item Code: 1047

Plastic Wedge

Used to assist in removing product from moulds

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Catalyst Measures and Dispensers Item Code: 1048

Catalyst Measures and Dispensers

Plastic measures for dispensing catalyst, 60ml-150ml

....[more info]