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Products >> Resins >> Epoxies >> TECHNIFILL Edge Filling R1170
TECHNIFILL Edge Filling R1170
Product Name:
TECHNIFILL Edge Filling R1170
Product Description:

R1170 is a two-part, 1:1 mix ratio paste system which has the consistency of dough. It is easily mixed by (gloved) hand to form a stiff paste that is ideal for filling rebated cored edges on composite parts. More than 20% lighter, and much easier to mix and apply, than standard 3 component mixtures, Technifill R1170 is ideal for any project that is weight sensitive or requires a large amount of edge-filling to be completed. R1170 can also be used as an insert to attach furniture hardware fittings, such as hinges and door locks, in place of plywood, timber or high density foams. Screws will easily drive into the cured compound, and screw retention is similar to other materials used for this application. Kit Sizes 2L Kit 8L Kit 40L Kit